The idea

The whole idea of LunaWorX was a simple quibble with the Latin word for Moon (Luna) and the fact that I always stayed up till somewhere about 3AM coding my projects. So, Luna + Work were fused to "LunaWorX". The misspelling was intentional, just for the fun of it. I bought the .net address and started a new era in my life


I wrote some games using good old Game Maker (until it was too old for the updates of Windows), then I used Visual Basic to write some cool apps, PHP to write a community addon for E107 when there was none… and finally C# to make TopWinPrio.

Darker times

Some tragic stuff happened in my life and a lot of computer related problems showed up. Some Turkish script kiddie messed up my site, my hard drive crashed and I lost the source code to TopWinprio and some German creeps stole the name LunaWorx riding piggyback on the name.
All that plus a lot of work made it impossible for me to keep on producing fun apps for LunaWorX.

Moving on

It took a long time before I started coding for LunaWorX again, and now I feel like it’s mostly a burden. Sometime in May this webpage will die. It feels kind of sad to leave it, since it has been a big part of my life, but it’s time to move on. New projects, new ideas, new creations await me on to my new site.