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Here are the FAQ about TopWinPrio


Where did you get the icons for the program?

I downloaded them from iconarchive.com.

The icons visible on the form are called “Drifting Icons” made by Harwen.
The executable icon is a Sega Megadrive icon, made by Deleket.

The icons are both available for non commercial use, but since the software is freeware I suppose it’s OK to use it.

The next version probably will not use the same icons.

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What is topWinPrio?

TopWinPrio is an application to change the priority of the window that is active.

It’s simple and it’s free.

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Why is the program called TopWinPrio?

Actually when I wrote it, I wanted it simply for my gaming needs. So I didn’t think of any catchy name for it, I just gave it a name in the same fashion that I named my website. I mixed some words to make it sound cool.

So the project got the workname “TopWinPrio”, since it would change the Top Window Priority.

When I published the program on my website I was so used to the name that I didn’t think of changing it to something cooler like “Windows booster” or “WinSpeeder” 🙂

…but as it turned out, TopWinPrio was a nice name after all.

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Why is it freeware?

Because I enjoy the feeling of making something that can be of use to other people, and not expect anything back. Kind of an all-year-christmas-feeling.

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Why TopWinPrio?

I wanted a program to raise the priority of my games while playing so other software like automatic updaters or download managers wouldn’t make my game lag.

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Does TopWinPrio change system settings?


TopWinPrio changes only the current session, not the system. So when you reboot, your system will be the same as it was before.

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Where can I meet other TopWinPrio users?

Well, you could try on facebook. 😉

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Why do I need TopWinPrio?

You don’t need it. If your computer works smoothly, you don’t need it.
Though if you find that you want or need to give more priority to the active program, then TopWinPrio may help you.

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How do I install TopWinPrio?

Check out this video: topwinprio-video-trailer-screenshots.

In short.

  1. Download it
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Run the installer
  4. Start the program from the start menu

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When will you release the next version?

…I’m working on it.

The problem is that I work full time and study by distance, so I have pretty little time for coding. I do some my coding by night, and some on the bus to work (about 1 hour). I also do some coding on the train when I visit my family (2 hours traintrip).

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Will TopWinPrio make my computer faster?

No, it will not magically upgrade your computer. What the program does is raise the priority of the active application to make it work smoother, not faster.

The best way to make the computer work faster is to buy more RAM, faster hard drive and a faster processor.

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Why does it require .net?

When I wrote the program, I was studying software development based on C#, thus, I wrote it in C# and C# requires .net.

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What does the “Boost explorer” setting do?

It raises the priority of the Windows Explorer whenever it has focus. The way I see it, the only time you would need to raise the priority on the explorer window is when doing a lot of work on it, like copying big files or ordering the contents of a folder.

I added that setting since I noticed that copying files would go terribly slow when the explorer has a low priority 🙂

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What are the optimal settings?

As a user mentioned in the comments of TopWinPrio 1.

  • Don’t boost explorer
  • Set active window to : AboveNormal
  • Force inactive window to: BelowNormal

That seems to work pretty nice.

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Can I use TopWinPrio even though I don’t play games?

Well, some users have reported that TopWinPrio does make their machines work smoother in normal use too. Like when using Photoshop, MsWord or other big software.

As for me, I use TopWinPrio at work, it does a remarkable job specially when compiling huge projects.

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Is there a portable version?

Well, not really.

I published TopWinPrio in two packages. One with an installer, and one with the exe file only, and the software sites decided to call it portable. I actually never mentioned the word portable, I used the term “exe file only”.

The package with the exe file is not really a portable version, though it will work regardless of where the exe is placed, without installation.

But the exe file is not system independent, it does require .net3.5 to run.

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Can I use TopWinPrio on Mac?

No, Mac doesn’t need it since it handles processes in a totally different way. Actually, Mac is better on handling processes than Windows. Even if you use a Windows Emulator, TopWinPrio would not help there either.

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Can I use TopWinPrio on Linux?

No, you can’t. The program is only for Windows.

You could use the Mono framework to run TopWinPrio, but the process priority handling does not work on Mono as they work on Windows, so TopWinPrio would not do much good there.

But honestly, why would someone even consider running TopWinPrio on Linux? Linux doesn’t need that kind of software!

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This section will expand as soon as new questions pop up.

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  1. Tolek
    Tolek July 27, 2011 at 5:35 pm | | Reply

    A few days ago via Pay Pal gave a grant for the program TopWinPrio. I’m interested in whether the payment has reached you. Yours.

  2. Kelly Irish
    Kelly Irish September 13, 2011 at 4:33 am | | Reply

    Your program called “TopWinPrio” seems to be very simular to “Prio – Process Priority Saver” which also has a 32 bit and x64 bit version. What it does is change the priority levels of processes running in Windows to either below normal, normal, high, or real time. Once you use it and change a priority of a process, Prio – Process Priority Saver “remembers” your setting and applies it each time Windows starts up. For example if I changed iexploror.exe to “above normal”, on my next reboot / startup, iexplorer.exe would automatically be set to “above normal” and will continue to until I change it back. Is this how “TopWinPrio” works too?

    Also, does “TopWinPrio” work with “ALL” x64 bit edition operating systems >> for example: Windows XP Pro x64, Windows Vista x64, and Windows 7 x64?

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