January 25, 2012

Testing CX.

It seems pretty cool, 10GB of storage and now they have Android app. When I signed in they didn’t have it.. So now I’ll give it a try.

I tried using SugarSync, and though it works fine, I had some problems understanding it on the Android unit. So I uninstalled it. Dropbox does a good job too, but I prefer using it as backup for documents so I don’t use it on my phone.

Anyway… 10Gigs free… that sounds pretty sweet.

The main reason I want to use a sync program is that I haven’t found a satisfying program for transferring music to the phone and the pictures from it. I bought the DoubleTwist app, since I wasn’t really satisfied with Kies. And it works fine, but still.. It’s not how I want it. So now I will give CX a chance :)

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