Back on track

Those latest days I’ve been doing some coding in C#, testing out Visual Studio 2012… I so love it!

All that annoyed me on Visual Studio 2010 is gone…

It’s more clean somehow and faster, the intellisence is to much better now… It’s like heaven!

Another nice thing is that the Adobe people did some tweaking on their latest versions and they work so much better now. So far I’ve tried Photoshop (I still hate Bridge) and Dreamweaver… Love it… Finally an Adobe product I can consider spending money on. Before now I settled with simpler and smaller competitive apps.

Have you tried Microsoft Lightswitch… Totally awesome!

So it got me coding again… and I’ve been doing some tests for a new GUI on the TopWinPrio project.

I have some new ideas and so far it’s looking good.

No promises at this time, but feel free to post requests for the new version.

Thanks for the encouraging mails and messages I’ve recieved, and I can tell you I am doing a lot better…

I have a feeling that this autumm will be awesome!

Stay tuned folks!

Autumm leaf

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  1. Benjamin Chamberlain
    Benjamin Chamberlain September 21, 2012 at 9:33 pm | | Reply

    Will we see a new version this year? 🙂

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