December 1, 2012

Joomla and WordPress



I got this ask to create a webpage that will display news, contact lists, cooperating company lists and other fun stuff. At first sight it looked like a big portal, so I decided to go with Joomla.

I did some testing, and understood nothing of it. So the boss got me a book about Joomla, I read some of it and understood some of it. I needed a plugin to display event lists and most of the plugins I found sucked big time. Another problem was that Joomla worked really slow.

So after some discussion I shifted to WordPress. Finding an event-list for WordPress was simple, also finding a forum where the clients could discuss their stuff. So WordPress it is.

I’m pretty sure Joomla is a great plattform for a site, but since I needed something simple that the customer could edit themselves…

I chose WordPress…

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