February 1, 2013

Back online

After a long time and consideration, I decided to move LunaWorX and some other domains away from the server I had previously. Mostly because of the incredible lag in response time it could have from time to time. It was irritating.

Amazingly enough, a week after I decided to close that account I recieved a mail that my account was now ready for an upgrade to the new, faster and safer server they provide. Well.. no thanks.

So I moved to the One.com.

So far the migration has worked fine. The page got a new and modern layout and the new server seems to work fine.

I hope you will enjoy it!


Ps. During friday I will do some cleanup on the widgets, plugins, the  spoon.net links and fix the darn FAQ page that is still not working :)

2 thoughts on “Back online

  1. Jakski

    I am interested in your TopWinPrio. Does TWP software generate an unstaller or if not, what is the uninstall procedure?

    1. Marcus


      If you use the installer, then it will generate an uninstaller.
      If you use the “portable” version, then you can just delete the folder with the executable.


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