This are the sites i collaborate with at the moment:

This are some of the sites where I have worked:

  •, I programmed the application Autoreg
  •… it was a fun place to work at.. miss the workmates…
  • Me and 3 classmates coded the webpage-installation/administration part of this project
  • Scan Coin AB I did my thesis there. The project is now used in Thailand 🙂

Here are some sites I recommend:

  • Provilens Medina Consulting – Professional and skillful services for producer´s Companies to market their products and solutions for people with Visual deficiency, Blind and persons with dyslexia.
  • Mindlift – Billy Persson, den enda hypnosterapeuten rekommenderar.
  • Sara Duppils – Forskning av det som skrämmer okunniga.
  • – Personlig utveckling

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