Script generator Beta - (c) Marcus Medina,

Select the items you need for your script by clicking the checkbox and press the Create script button to recieve your windows shell script.
  • Make the script for Windows64

Clean up the system

  • Setup profile for cleaning, profileid=
  • Use cleanup profile, profileid=
  • Uninstall applications
  • This is for IE7+
  • Delete IE cache
  • Delete IE cookies
  • Delete IE history
  • Delete IE form data
  • Delete all IE data
  • Run CClean *

System tools

  • Defrag Disks - Disks:
  • Schedule Pagedefrag for next rebooot (XP) *

Fix the system

  • Scan DLL files for errors
  • Scan disks for errors - Disks:
  • Run windows update (VISTA+)
  • Run windows update (-XP)

Other tools

  • Flashplayer
  • Update Flash player
  • Check Flash version
  • Update Adobe apps

Free up some memory

  • Kill themes
  • Stop printer spooler
  • Kill Acrobatreader
  • Kill ctfmon
  • Kill Google updater


  • Shutdown - Seconds :
  • Reboot - Seconds :
Options marked with * requires external tools.
Options marked (XP), (VISTA) or (SEVEN) are only for the specific OS.